Breakin' Free - One Sheet

Produced by Surebert (a Portland resident via Bozeman, MT), this RZA-esque style head-banger takes us back to the mid to late nineties , and highlights Madgesdiq and CEG trading off displaying their skills as lyricists and emcees. Bars filled with witty wordplay, ill flows, and relevant storytelling, reminding heads of the golden era of Hip Hop, when it was simply about spitting dope rhymes over dope beats; no frills, no floss, no gloss, just hot shit.

The Visualizer, released on 11/11/2021 via record label MadgesdiqCEG Music, is filmed on a colorful autumn day in the city of Portland by Ryan Slider of SS Visual Works (who in recent years, has not only become the ‘go to’ sports videographer in the state of Oregon but continues to make a name for himself nationally, working with elite high school and college programs across the country, as well as publications and major networks such as Bleacher Report, ESPN and NBC), features as its backdrop some of the city’s most iconic and recognizable sites: the Broadway Bridge, the lusciousness of the West Hills and the Downtown/NW Portland landscape, the historic Union Station, and of course the World famous Veterans Memorial Coliseum, (current home of the Portland Winterhawks, and former home of the Portland Trail Blazers), which seems rather fitting as CEG (styled in part by Glamorously Filthy) rocks a black vintage 1990 Western Conference Champions Trail Blazer jacket while her counterpart Mr. Madgesdiq keeping with the hoop theme sports a Purple authentic Damon Stoudamire Toronto Raptors Jersey, bringing the basketball, family, city and time period connection full circle.

From beat, to flow, to wardrobe, to the Jeep Rubicon, the location & the cover art created by @JonezyArtwork everything about Breakin’ Free and its visualizer speak vintage, timeless and classic. A real treat for the true Hip-Hop head.


Breakin’ Free

MadgesdiqCEG x Surebert

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Breakin’ Free

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Released December 11, 2020 Written by Antoine Terrell Stoudamire and Claire Elizabeth Grace Pittock Heaacock Produced by Surebert Mixed and Mastered by The Funk Junkie ©2020 MadgesdiqCEG All Rights Reserved

Yes I Mmm Mmm MadgesdiqCEG Thank You Jah Let me tell you a little story Let’s get it

Verse 1

He walked a rocky road You could call him veteran Portland Old Town Hated on a better man They saw the color of his skin Forgot that he was human A Karen called the cops unrighteously Now they pursuing after him To kill the movement They saw an opening They gotta do it All the emotion that’s been brewing Ever since they pushed the citizens to stand up n fight Jah hope that you listen when the All-Knowing guides

Verse 2

Yeah man BragArt been chillin’ Now I’m back amongst the livin’ Fully resurrected into freedom That was my decision Toastin’ one with Koffee in the am So much thanks is givin’ I took some L’s along the way But now I’m back to winnin’ Propaganda propagated to exploit division But we on that Stevie Wonder G We got that inner vision Hah escaped the chains of your religion Emancipate yourself from mental slavery Cause it’s a prison


We will breathe Breakin’ chains breakin’ free We will breathe Breakin’ chains breakin’ free We will breathe Breakin’ chains breakin’ free We will breathe Breakin’ chains breakin’ free

Verse 3

The truth it lives inside of you But it’s been lying dormant Back on my 97’ triumph Like the bees was swarmin’ Life can change my G without a warnin’ Ask what 23 I’m takin’ No offense I’m takin’ Jordan

Verse 4

She walked a lonely path An angry black woman on staff Micro-Aggressions cost you often She won’t take it back She enter union to medicate, she meditate Then like Mary Magdalen she elevate she elevate


We will breathe Breakin’ chains breakin’ free We will breathe Breakin’ chains breakin’ free

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