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Want to support but don't know how? Your donations of any size do a ton of good for
the independent artists represented by Infinite Vibes Music Group.

The list below is not exhaustive, but gives you an idea of what you're helping create.
If you would like to support a specific project, please contact us directly.

artist development opportunities you will contribute towards


These are way more than basic classes. MasterClasses zoom in on a particular aspect of singing like flexibility or emoting. Intensives focus on on particular parts of artist development that extend past the voice like performance preparation or songwriting. 

Master Class Virtual $50 
Intensives (Virtual Only) $50


Planning our  path to success, we will sit with Ekela for 1 hour discussing goals for our image, sound, and overall career. Ekela will give us advice, resources and multiple options for success, designing a 6 month artist trajectory calendar based on your artist goals.

Consultation & Artist Trajectory: $250

The Voice box Bootcamp

Our bootcamp is a 6 week intensive designed to propel participants forward. Utilizing Ekela's holistic development techinques, singers will benefit from consistent vocal coaching, performance coaching, content building, songwriting, recording, image consulting and so much more. Singers leave these bootcamps steps closer to being well rounded, professional artists. 

The Voice Box artist development bootcamp is a no nonsense super focused series of classes and challenges for singers designed to help them define their sound, improve their vocal performance skill, develop their creative skills, build confidence, break destructive habits and at the end of it all perform - for money - for friends, family and fans. 

​ This bootcamp is meant to propel singers into full dedication to their careers. It is not for anyone who isn't sure that this is the path they want to be on. Singers are required to attend our classes before starting bootcamp.

It includes 6 weeks of: 
Group Vocal Classes 
VoiceFit Classes 
Private Voice Training 
Private Performance Training 

As well as:
1 week of bootcamp prep including 
Goal Identifying 
Learning One Self 
How To Choose The Right Songs 
Understanding Your Artist Self

Learn more about The Voice Box & Ekela by clicking here

visualizers & music video plans you will contribute towards

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