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Fly’ (Oya’s Wind), produced by Myke Vynce is a Jazzy, R&B, Hip-Hop groove that showcases the full array of talent and potential that the artist known as CEG (Sage) possesses. And only using the word potential here because this is just her second official release as a solo artist. 

From the opening lines of the intro, where CEG invites you to take a ride with her, she guides you on a journey of self realization, love and healing, with (where) every word playing (plays) a most important part in the telling of this story of unfolding, becoming and recognition; the recognition of the Goddess within, which she gracefully arrives at by flying Oya’s (The Goddess of Wind) Wind to the edge of her inner-universe. 

Ease-fully and confidently gliding in and out of displaying her skills as a songwriter, emcee and singer, CEG’s delicate voice and laid back smoke-filled room like poise compliment the production perfectly and make way for her to express the intricacies, depths, and beauty of the message contained in the lyrics she’s comprised here; lyrics/words that nurture your soul and expand your consciousness. 

In a world filled with heaviness, here’s a remedy of healing and inspirational light packaged in the form of a song. 

Prepare to fly Oya’s Wind to the awakening of your true self.

Fly (Oya's Wind)


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Fly (Oya's Wind)

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Released November 11th, 2021 Written by Claire Elizabeth Grace Pittock Heacock Produced by Myke Vynce Mixed and Mastered by Tony Ozier ©2021 MadgesdiqCEG LLC All Rights Reserved

Thank you Goddess fi divine grace We seen a lotta traumatic thangs in this arms race Since an early age, learn to define space Take control of our surroundings Never known what could be found in

I fly To the edge of the universe That’s within

I ride Oya’s wind To the edge of the universe That’s within Yeah

No fake shit Crystals adorn the vessel That share a message of love I am reflection Choose what you see I am a part of you You’re a part of me Let’s choose to Be

  1. O V. E Love is the key Ain’t no secret They tried to keep it It’s simple Just choose to be free You could change up yo whole reality Wherever you go, there you are You cannot flea

Slippin, Slidin, I swear move best in silence Blessed gifts come forth with progress A son born to the Goddess A daughter born to the God Twins of sacred Gemini We praise Yah Jah Jah It is Him Her and I

Did you know? Before they named you Slaves Negro, Black, You were royalty

I fly To edge of the universe That’s within

I ride Oya’s wind To the edge of the universe That’s within

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