Prototype Sports Presents: Handles & Yoga With Antoine Stoudamire

Handles + Yoga 

A unique basketball experience combining ball handling, meditation and yoga asana. 

It is an opportunity for athletes to become one with themselves and the rock (the basketball) thru a series of asanas (yoga postures), seated meditation, breathing exercises, affirmations, skill development training and instruction. 

Handles & Yoga taps into the mind, body, and spirit of the athlete, working to improve their skills as a basketball player, while simultaneously tending to their overall physical, mental health and wellness, laying the foundation and cultivating the fundamental tools for a successful and well balanced life both on and off the court.  

Handles + Yoga Benefits: 

Ball Handling Skills, Basketball IQ, Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Mental Well-Being and Balance


Guiding People Back To A Space of Peace & Health” - MadgesdiqCEG

— Namasté All Day